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The persons are the most important value of the companies, we trust in them.

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The best management for his personal patrimony and that of his company.

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Because we can save money, time and future problems.

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The crisis demands long-term solutions
The perspectives for the economy are not good. And the thrown measurements do not propose long-term measurements. The Advice Adviser of Expansion and Economic Actuality analyzed the current crisis to guess right the political, fiscal and labor recipes that Spain needs.
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A judgment extends the right to choose the working hours to be able to conciliate
A judgment of a court of Santander, promoted by a demand of the juridical consultancy of UGT, he has admitted the right of a worker of the cleanliness of Castro Urdiales to fix the schedule of his working day for conciliation of his labor and familiar life without having to reduce it and although one arranges nothing on this matter neither in the collective agreement of his sector nor in a specific agreement with his company.
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Blow to the fiscal incentives of the pension plans in half of the country
There is the ‘collateral effect’ of an autonomic fiscal competition a descoordinada: Ten regions cut the taxation of the heredities away creating a diet favorable to the investment funds opposite to the retirement complements.
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