Prodat is an organization specialized in consulting services, Auditoría and Outsourcing in the scope of the Statutory law of Protection of Data of Carácter Personal (LOPD).

Prodat operates in all the national territory, through a network of consultants who use the same methodologies. An organization firmly seated in the market from 1997.

The five reasons of their election by PRODAT are

  1. Specialization. Since loans unique and exclusively this type of services. We count on personnel with multidisciplinary profiles
    • Legal scope: legal aspects on the treatment of the personal character data that include from the rights of the citizens described in the constitution, to the own prescribed Law and its development.
    • Computer science scope: knowledge in systems of the information for the detection, revision and implantation of the safety measures applied or applicable to the files.
    • Scope audit: concepts of the technical auditors (objectivity, independence, systematization, documentation and regularity)
  2. Personalization. Our services are developed of actual form in the offices of our clients, which allows to solve us with agility, rapidity and effectiveness, the casuistry of any organization.
  3. National and local cover. From the beginning of the National network, PRODAT operates in all the Spanish territory through a network of consultants affiliates, that are formed in depth in our Center of Formation, employee of the Office of Expansion and Development located at the moment in Madrid, which allows to give effective answers us to organizations with multiple centers of work, dispersed by all the independent communities. This represents a fundamental competitive advantage, since to improve the control of the fulfillment of certain legal dispositions, the continuous work is necessary of:
    • Consultancy
    • Implementation and maintenance
    • Formation of the users
    • Audit
  4. Our “complete porfolio of services”, allows us to cover any necessity that can have our clients in the matter of protection of personal data.
  5. Methodology of work, Adapts ©, developed completely and improved by the national network of Prodat and applied successfully in more than eight thousand clients in all Spain.