Work studies to help the unemployed who accept low pays
Secretary of Labor and Inmigración, Corbacho Celestine, reiterated his disposition yesterday to study that the Administration can give an additional subsidy in the benefit the unemployed ones that they accept a work by a wage inferior to the own cover. The own Secretary General of Red Use, Wonders, already has sent a similar proposal, directed especially to the prepensioners. - to the past see EXPANSION of 21 of November. In an interview with Com Ràdio, Corbacho took advantage of a similar exposition that has made the consellera of Treball of the Catalan Autonomous Government, Sea Serna, to say that “the idea is not bad; it could be good”, but one would be due to study very “in depth”. In this respect, the minister emphasized that he would be due to avoid that the proposal was translated in a “degradation of the repayments below the minimum wages of agreement” on the part of some companies, with the idea that “the difference already will pay the Administration to it”. In an encounter organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, the Secretary of Labor showed his hope of which unemployment stops growing in Spain in the second semester of next year. Corbacho recognized that in the first trimester of 2009 the increase of unemployment already will surpass the rate of 12.5% of the active populace, with which, in principle, the Executive anticipates to close that year. The holder of Work commented that “it is foreseeable that unemployment continues raising in the first semester of the year and that becomes moderate in the second semester of 2009”. Wage freezing the minister avoided to pronounce itself on the proposal of the president of Ceoe, Gerald Diaz Ferrán, to congeal the wages in 2009 to preserve the use. In the beginning of the negotiation in the agreement of agreements for the next year, the enterprise confederation has warned CCOO and the UGT of which, due to the crisis, many companies will not be able to raise the repayments, if it is not at the cost of dismissals. However, the minister declared that as much the employer's association as the unions “have demonstrated their high responsibility” and, consequently, it trusted that both “know to find a point of contact” in the negotiation table. With respect to the request of some industralists of being able to postpone the payments of quotas to the Social Security, the minister affirmed that the Social Security will be “sensible” if is a formula that does not put in danger its fundamental objective “to preserve the accounts for the system of pensions”. Work already is subsidizing to the airline companies, the transport by highway and studies to make it with the automobile - see EXPANSION of the 20 of November. I. Pujol (the extracted News of Expansion)
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