Labor consultant's office

At a time at which the companies need more and more due to the exigencies of the market, to realize outsourcing of its internal services, the Labor consultant's office has acquired a great importance, as much the changing laws, as the security of the workers, cause that the companies need they advise that them to avoid the sanctions of the labor authority, as well as to apply the norms of a safe and effective form for the workers. In Tele-Draft Agency, we are always to the vanguard of any normative change, reason why our companies are safe in the market.

The services that loans in this area are:

  • Opening of centers of work and inscription of companies in the Social Security.
  • Work contract study and writing.
  • Discharges and loss of personnel.
  • Mechanized receipt preparation of wages, bulletins of quote to the Social Security and documents derived for taxes and internal control.
  • Preparation of settlements and certificates of company.
  • Study, update and maintenance of the labor documentation of the company.
  • Special Agrarian regime and regime Independent.
  • Delegation of work, etc.
  • General advising in labor matter.
  • Subsidy.
  • Retirement, widow's pension, orphanhood, dissability.
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