The companies will have more aid if they contract unemployed
Work will destine 2,800 million to discount three million contracts. Zapatero will announce Monday a package of measures to reactivate the use the social agents and the Government will begin to discuss as of the next Monday a package of concrete measures to stop the drain of unemployment. The president of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has intention to announce these initiatives whose axis will even tilt in a reorganization of the incentives to the stable hiring in order that the companies receive more aid, direct contributions, by each unemployed which they contract, especially most unprotected. The new criteria of the aid to the indefinite hiring that perceives the companies will fit to the present situation of crisis. This it was the message that the Government in the meeting sent yesterday that maintained with representatives of the unions and the industralists. The objective is to increase the advantages in the social quotas that receive the employers by each indefinite contract which they realize in certain groups and, even, to offer contante money and sonante by each worker with difficulties that remove from unemployment. , Secretary of Labor Corbacho the Celestine, said yesterday in the Congress that has reserved 2,800 million Euros in order that in 2009 about three million workers they can have discounted contracts. PAYMENT OF MORTGAGES At the same time, the Government proposes to help the workers who cannot do against the payment of their mortgages because they have remained in unemployment situation, as he advanced this newspaper yesterday. This measurement even goes ligature to the guarantee of the unemployment insurances and to the improvement of this benefit. Corbacho made clear that the reforms that are going away to carry out east year and in the 2009 will go directed “to the families and the companies”. The social agents and Work have abierto a table of social dialog directed to the industrial sector in which financial aid to the companies in difficulties will be discussed with the purpose of to avoid that they present/display files of use regulation. Also the president of the Government will raise injections of capital to the sectors that are demanding more use as they are the technological ones and those of renewable energies. UNION EXIGENCIES the Secretary General of the UGT, Innocent Méndez, emphasized yesterday that “it is more important to avoid the destruction of use that to stimulate new hirings” reason why demanded the Government who forces the banks that revert the liquidity injection which they have obtained from the State in the small companies because three uses are terminated by which it disappears in the industry. Méndez also asked that, in return to the aid, the Government restrains the files of use regulation when they only appear to improve benefits. PALACE FRANCISCO J. (the extracted News of the Newspaper)
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