The independent ones will be able to acquire unemployment before the end of legislature
Corbacho admits that the crisis advances at a high speed but it discards that Spain reachs the four million unemployed Secretary of Labor and Inmigración, Corbacho Celestine, has announced today who the independent ones that stops in their activity will be able to acquire the benefit by unemployment before the end of legislature. The minister, in an interview with the Chain To be, has explained that the Government is negotiating with the social agents the measurement and that in two or three months will be on the table of the State Council of the Independent Work. Corbacho has recognized that the independent workers have been conquering right social but “not to the same level of equality” that the set of the workers. However, there is addition that Work already has recognized the figure of the independent employee and studies, with the social agents, how to make the contributing benefit of this group by activity cease. On the other hand, the minister, although has admitted that the crisis advances at a high speed, has discarded who Spain reachs the four million unemployed since it has “total confidence” in which the measures approved by the Executive to stop the rise of unemployment begin to have effect in the first semester of 2009. On the measures beginning from the Monlcoa in support of the financial sector, Corbacho has stressed that the banks “must take brings back to consciousness from which they must make agile the credits to companies, with all the guarantees to which they have right, but with it brings back to consciousness of which if they do not do it, the system strangles”. (The extracted News of the Country)
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